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Can’t we all just get along? — Hostetler Blogs

That’s the question Rodney King asked in May of 1992 during the riots that ensued following the acquittal of the police officers who had beaten him the previous year. That question has a renewed application at a time when we are arguing with one another over everything from public health to public safety. I have […]

via Can’t we all just get along? — Hostetler Blogs


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18 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along? — Hostetler Blogs

  1. Yes we can all get along. This shouldn’t be an issue now in 2020. We’re not living in 1820. I’ve never understood and never will why not everyone can get along and accept who and what we are. It’s so easy really…

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  2. This is so powerful. If only we could all drop our masks, be vulnerable, see each other as what we truly are…all the same on the inside. Fear of another does one a terrible disservice for the missed opportunity of connection, resonance and love. Well done my friend 😊

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    1. I reblogged post from Don Hostetler’s page. When I read his message with biblical support I was very impressed. This is definitely worth sharing. Thank you for reading and commenting about Don’s inspiring message.

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  3. A beautiful post. Yes we all can get along. Only if we didn’t have our insecurities. Our fears. If we could develop the ability to take charge of our own lives. It is pointless pointing a finger on anyone when four of my own point at me. I think a look into myself, if it makes me better, will probably in some way heal someone else.
    Thank you Tangie for this great post. Made me think about myself

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    1. I reblogged inspiring post from Don Hostetler. I think sometimes as a people we fail to understand as free moral agents our decisions come with consequences–good or bad, Heaven or Hell. This is why I self-examine myself through my pain, struggles and flaws to maintain a righteous connection with God through Jesus. I immediate repent from any sinful word, thought or deed because I am striving to make Heaven my eternal home. Don Hostetler’s post is very inspiring using scriptures to support his message.

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