BrainStorms Award #3

I would like to thank Hemalatha Ramesh for nominating me for the BrainStorms Award. Hemalatha’s blog site Frameofsoul offers encouragement with motto “Let’s Learn to Heal and Excel!” CLICK HERE TO VISIT HEMALATHA


  1. Thank the one who nominated you.
  2. Tag your post with #BrainStormsAward and follow BrainStorms if you are willing.
  3. Display the brainstorms award logo.
  4. Talk a bit about your blog. Why you started it what you write on, and your goal for your blog in brainstorms award.
  5. Answer the five questions you have been asked.
  6. Nominate five other amazing bloggers in brainstorms award.
  7. Ask them five new questions in brainstorm award.


  1. What inspired you to start blogging? Originally blogged as an avenue to share medical conditions as encouragement to others experiencing chronic illnesses and chronic pain. However, the Holy Spirit directed my thoughts to sharing the gospel of Jesus while interacting with a diverse group of bloggers from around the globe who inspire, encourage and support one another.
  2. Have you ever wished to experience the life of your opposite gender? No.
  3. Do you have the habit of laughing during serious situations? No.
  4. Share any funny incident that happened at school? Too embarrassing to share.
  5. What do you do for relaxation? Spend time with family, blog and read.



  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. How often do you blog?
  4. What are your thoughts about interacting with fellow bloggers?
  5. Have your blogging expectation(s) been met?

37 thoughts on “BrainStorms Award #3

  1. Hey dear!

    I just visited some of your blog and I really liked it.❤️

    My name is Ankita Jaiswal and I love to write my take on Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It’s been a month I started blogging, I am looking forward to make friends here with my fellow lovely bloggers.❤️

    I’d love if you visit my blog and If you liked it, please leave comments also (comments are definitely welcome) and follow my blog post for the latest updates on new blog post. It would mean alot to me if you would also connect me.😊

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