My First Blogaversary!

June 29, 2019, I wrote my first blog; as of today, including this one, I have published 131 blogs, have about 1,063 e-mail and WordPress blog followers and approximately 47,000 views around the world. I thank the Lord and celebrate each of you offering my sincere appreciation for viewing, liking, commenting and following MRS. T’S CORNER.

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Outstanding Blogger Award (Last Award Nomination)

I am ending my last award nomination thanking MaMa for nominating me for the Original Outstanding Blogger Award. I am always appreciative and humble to hear my Holy Spirit inspired messages are being received and accepted around the world. Therefore, I must continue on the path of my spiritual assignments. CLICK HERE FOR AWARD FREE PUBLISHED BLOG

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you, Dr. Era Singh, for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Dr. Singh is a doctor by profession who is very much interested in writing and history. Dr. Singh started blogging to boost our mental health, and write articles related to motivation, history, medical life, nature, travel, etc. and will post few poetries too.

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