Awesome Blogger Award

I would like to thank Rising Star for nominating me for the Awesome Blogger Award! I recommend you checking out his inspiring blog at Rising Star. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, consideration and believing my blog is awesome. I give all glory to God for the gift of the Holy Spirit inspiring me within my new comfort zone.

Rising Star said…

Blogging is a great way to meet new people from all around the world. It is a way to know about different types of people, cultures, and races. A blog is like a magnet that attracts people if the content is unique and interesting. It can be used to expose your opinions to the masses and will get responses the way you are exposing. Every blog platform people could be different from the other because of different types’ people and communities.

I humbly accept my Awesome Blogger Award. The Holy Spirit inspired blogs allow many in various countries to be encouraged; as I am encouraged by many bloggers. My blogging journey has been amazing and definitely surpassed my expectation. Your encouragement and support mean to me more than words can express. You have made this journey one I will not forget.

NOTE: I found many of your comments from previous blogs in my Spam folder. However, I have approved comments and will respond as soon as possible, Lord willing. If you do not get replies from me please know it is not intentional and thank you for understanding.

You all have made a positive impact in my life with your awesome blogs. Therefore, I am nominating each of you for the Awesome Blogger Award to share whatever you wish for us to know about you.

You deserve it!


Christian Blogger, Wife of Minister Felton D. Woods, Mother and Grandmother

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