Blog Promotion Winner

Hello everyone, I have been slow in corresponding in the past couple of days due to working on several personal spiritual endeavors. I had to step back and prioritize because I felt overwhelm. Lord willing, I will catch up reading in the next two days.

Thank you, Vincent, for selecting my blog as winner for March 4, 2020 blog promotion. You are always so thoughtful of others and we, your fellow bloggers, appreciate you. As Vincent stated in link below, I started blogging as an outlet to encourage others, to be encouraged and to remain spiritually focused and steadfast in the Lord regardless of circumstances. I give glory to the Lord for my blog inspiring viewers in many nations. (Matthew 28:19-20). is MRS. T’S CORNER’s winning URL.


Vincent, you are a young inspiring blogger that I encourage to keep writing as a positive example. Thank you for educating us on your culture, as this is another great aspect of our blogging journeys. Keep writing, inspiring and working towards your goals.

I am blessed, thankful, honored and accept my blog winning season in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. is Vincent’s blogging site. I encourage you to check it out and consider following this young man’s blog.

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