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Minister James Bell and Brenda Bell

Brother Bell obeyed the gospel in 1979, and was baptized by Brother Oscar Mcbryer at Westside Church of Christ in Chiefland, Florida. He was under the teaching of Brother Alan Drayton and Matthew Moore; two pioneer preachers. He later started worshiping and leading songs at Westside Church of Christ under Minister Michael Dockery.

James preached his first sermonette at age 35, and later became interim minister at Church of Christ in Hawthorne, Florida. Upon request, he preaches at various congregations in surrounding areas.

Brenda obeyed the gospel in 1976, and was baptized by Brother H. Rowe, at Westside Church of Christ in Live Oak, Florida. As a new convert, she was hungry for God’s Word and was captivated when she read the Bible. She was taken under the wings of her Aunt Mamie to ensure she understood what it meant to follow Christ.

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The Bells have been married for 31 years and get stronger daily despite struggles and hardships which we all can relate. However, God always provides to ensure they continue to do the work called to do for His glory. Brenda said, “God demonstrates through His Word which lead us to positive results and how our faith in God helps us overcome all obstacles.”

Their marriage is no different from anyone else’s when it comes to not always agreeing with one another. Brenda stated, “We have a beautiful marriage and James is a great husband, a great father of four and a great grandfather of eight (ninth one on the way.”)

Ephesians 4:26-27, tells us “In your anger do not sin:” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold.” According to Brenda, these scriptures are shared by James when she goes to bed upset. He corrects her in love with God’s Word which helps with her continued spiritual growth.

Conclusion, I met the Bells in 2008, and they are still the same loving couple. The Bells worship at Gainesville Church of Christ in Gainesville, Florida where Felton D. Woods is the minister. James, Brenda and Felton have been friends and siblings-in-Christ for over 30 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, please send warm greetings to James and Brenda Bell.


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5 thoughts on “Minister James Bell and Brenda Bell

  1. The Bell’s are a wonderful couple and a joy to know. You can not help but be happy around this family. It is a blessing to have them as a brother and sister in Christ. “I have said enough to save the world if the world wants to be saved.” ( To get the meaning of that quote come out and visit Gainesville Church of Christ in Gainesville, FL on a Sunday James Bell will preach and any Sunday).

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