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Minister Gene Morgan and Edith Morgan

Gene Morgan is the minister at Melrose Church of Christ in Melrose, Florida. My husband was hospitalized in 2019, and Gene visited and prayed for us. It was our first time meeting him but the visit was enjoyed with laughter and friendly and spiritual conversations. He also kindly delivered a book titled “Muscle and a Shovel” by Michael J. Shank; a gift to me from his lovely wife.

In February 1978, Edith met her future husband. He was baptized into Christ the same year in July; and they were married in December 1978. Soon after Gene’s baptism, he began preaching locally for approximately eight years.

In the Winter of 1986, he worked with a congregation in Indiana for eighteen months after being accepted into a preacher’s intern program. After completing the program, and prior to relocating to Florida, Gene and Edith worshiped and served in congregations in Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. He is also now serving as an elder.

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I met Edith approximately two years ago at our Ladies Day Program and we continue communication via talk, text and email. Edith’s life as a minister’s wife has brought challenges, blessings and rewards! She stated, “My husband has a passion and a talent for delivering God’s Word and I would not want him to have had any other occupation although he held secular job most of the time up until we moved to Minnesota in the Winter of 2001.”

I also told Brother Woods that he could not do anything else that would make me prouder than being a minister in the Lord’s Church boldly preaching truth according to scriptures without adding or subtracting from the doctrine.

Edith also disclosed that she had to learn how to balance in her various roles as a wife, mother, homemaker, employee, and as a minister’s wife. Yes, there is distinction between wives and wives of ministers.

Ministers are extremely busy with their own studying, preparing biblical studies for Wednesday night, preparing two sermons to preach on Sunday; visiting and spending time with others, and conducting home Bible studies, working secular jobs some with supervisory duties; just to name a few additional responsibilities. Oops! Almost forgot to mention that they have families who also need them.

Gene and Edith had the privilege of conducting many home Bible studies for non-Christians, grounding new converts and encouraging members as directed in Matthew 28:18-20, we “teach…baptize…teach”. Gene and Edith are now “empty-nesters,” but still remember what is most important and prioritize to maintain balance. She feels blessed to have members’ support in her involvement with teaching women and children.

Gene and Edith have two sons and a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, six grandchildren and a granddaughter-in-law.



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