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Don Dickerson, Jr., and wife Gertha

Under the teaching of Brother Arthur Goins, Don Jr., and Gertha Dickerson simultaneously obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ during a Bible study class; and they were baptized at Springhill Church of Christ on May 13, 1964.

Approximately six months later, Brother Dickerson (Brother D.) was asked to teach the adult Sunday school class when their teacher moved away. He was apprehensive at first but was reassured by another gospel preacher, Brother U.S. Greer, that it would not be difficult to teach if he studied and applied God’s word to his life. When Brother Greer returned for visits, he and Brother D., continued to study together.

In 1965, Brother D., preached his first sermon when Springhill and 4th Avenue congregations merged in 1974; becoming SE 10th Avenue Church of Christ. Brother C.A. Hall was selected as minister and Brother D., was selected as assistant minister; soon afterwards, he became an elder.

Brother and Sister D., served and worshiped at various congregations in the State of Florida. From August 1978 to June 1980, his family worshiped at Sweetwater Church of Christ in Jacksonville, and from August 1980 to August 1988, at Lawtey Church of Christ in Lawtey.

In September 1988, the Gainesville Church of Christ started with sixteen members and met from house to house. Brother D., was asked to be the minister; however, his secular job required him to temporarily relocate to Augusta, Georgia. Until he returned, Brother U.E. Rushing Jr., led the congregation.

In 1991, a church building with three additional acres was located and purchased; the first Bible study was held in the building on May 1, 1991. In prayer and discussion with his lovely wife Sister D., they stepped out on faith to serve the congregation full-time, and Brother D., retired from his secular job. He faithfully served as minister of Gainesville Church of Christ from September 1988 to December 2016. Praise the Lord, Brother D., and his wife served the Lord and the congregation without reproach.

He and the former Gertha M. Taylor were married on May 30, 1963; and to this union three sons were born: Don Dickerson III, Ronald Dickerson and F. Darrick Dickerson.

After Brother D., resigned on December 31, 2016, Brother Felton D. Woods assumed the leadership position as minister of Gainesville Church of Christ in June 2017.

Brother and Sister D., thank you for your faithful service as followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.


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15 thoughts on “Don Dickerson, Jr., and wife Gertha

  1. Hi Sis. Tangie,
    I can remember much of the history you have written about. Bro. and
    Sis. Dickerson were my spiritual leaders at Southeast 10th ave. and also Gainesville Church of Christ. Bro. Dickerson baptized me and Sis. Dickerson lived by example and spiritually nurtured me and my children! My family has been forever thankful the Dickerson’s genuine love.

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  2. Yes, Sister Tangie brother and sister Dickerson is one of the most respectful loving couple that anyone would love to meet. They have set a wonderful example for anyone who want to serve the Lord. ❤

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    1. They truly wear their Christlike attributes well. Great examples. One of many things I love about Sister D., is her quiet and gentle spirit, even when she pulls me aside advising me about being a minister’s wife. I am so blessed having wonderful spiritual mothers who some are also wives of elders and ministers. They help me keep proper perspective and how to handle what will come my way.

      “Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”— 1 Peter 3:4 (NIV)

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    2. Yes, Sister Tangie brother and sister Dickerson is one of the most respectful loving couple that anyone would love to meet. They have set a wonderful example for anyone who want to serve the Lord. ❤

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