Donna’s Devotional: The Snake & Tainted Tongues: Anger

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“The discretion of a man maketh him slow to anger; And it is in his glory to pass over a transgression” (Provers 19:11, ASV). 

The ark of the covenant had been in the house of Obededom for three months. David left it there after the Lord killed Uzzah for taking hold of the ark when the oxen that were pulling it stumbled. God’s act both displeased and frightened David, so he did not bring the ark to Jerusalem.

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The Snake & Tainted Tongues: Criticism

Many years ago, I came close to being chief sinner who criticized others. However, Brother Woods’ truth and his love for me, and my soul, helped me see that I censured others as their judge and jury. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs 27:6).

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The Snake & Tainted Tongues: Know-It-All

“The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves, but a fool’s heart blurts out folly.” Proverbs 12:23

Do you attempt to instruct others on performing tasks, but instead of them listening to your instructions, they tell you the work can be done without instructions or assistance?” I experienced this as a team leader and as a supervisor; my response was “Okay, have at it.” But when I inquired later with Miss Know-It-All on the status of completion, it was not close to being done. Why? Not surprisingly, response was “We thought we could complete without instructions.”

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