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The Influence Of Godly Spiritual Mothers

Godly spiritual mothers love God and they show love to everyone who is blessed to cross their paths. Spiritual mothers often go unnoticed and without praise—not that they are seeking it; they are just humble women. But I am sharing with the world the love and appreciation that I have for my Montgomery, Alabama spiritually nourished mothers: Sisters Chenita Mathews, Essie Carr and Thelma Powell.

Perhaps most of you are familiar with the biblical example of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31; but Verse 29 better describes my Alabama spiritual mothers, “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” They are not only important to their biological families, but also to their spiritual daughters and their families.

These three women proved to be after God’s own heart prior to me being added to the Body at Holt Street Church of Christ. When I met Sisters Mathews, Carr and Powell, I was in a sad state, mentally and spiritually. They willingly accepted, loved and helped me with many struggles. They are far above rubies and privately responded to my needs to help rescue me from a dark place. I loved being with them so much that I became a member of the Benevolent Sisters—a group of sisters from various Church of Christ congregations performing benevolence work in communities. These ladies helped restore my faith, and not once was I judged or shunned!

Some of these long-time servants’ characteristics are their obedience to God, love unconditionally, and are encouragers, generous and sincere. Most importantly, they trust God for their every need and pray for their spiritual daughters. They live by example in speech, behavior and modest apparels to please God, and to encourage their spiritual daughters to stand out from the world as Disciples of Christ.

Ladies, love and cherish the times you have with your spiritually nourished mothers.


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4 thoughts on “The Influence Of Godly Spiritual Mothers

  1. As someone who has basked in the love of these ladies, I thank God for them always. A beautiful example of what God requires of us as ladies. May they continue to abound in the love of God. Thank you Tangie for spotlighting them. My sisters and sheroes.

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