Overcoming Frustration

Today’s topic was requested by a follower of my blog. We are so bombarded with life that at some point we will all perhaps experience frustration! Anxiety! Annoyance! Exasperation! Those words are synonymous and defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed, as well as the inability to change or achieve something.

How do you find your spiritual connection with God in the midst of frustration? Do you feel separated from Him due to trials, burdens, tests and struggles of life? Do you get annoyed in your walk with Him thinking that being a Christian is too difficult, or do you think the journey is not what you expected? Even though sometimes we cannot see clearly when emotions are all over the place, it is imperative to rejoice in the Lord by maintaining godliness and being fully persuaded and committed to Him.

Maybe you are frustrated with family members, with fellow Christians or the world in general. Could it be with health problems, work-related issues or maybe financial woes. Proverbs 12:25a tells us “Anxiety weighs down the heart;” with that being said do you pray for help?

The most frustration I experienced derived from retaliation for not indulging in politics and unethical behavior. Our allegiance is to God and we should never allow anyone to pressure us to behave illegally, unethically or immorally. As a result, I was a blackballed employee who applied for, and was denied, many promotions despite having the education, knowledge, skills and years of experience. I was considered a non-team player because I would not compromise my spiritual connection with the Lord. My allegiance is to God and a promotion was not worth exchanging my soul.

The pattern of closed doors to advancement continued for years. I became weary; and was mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. When I finally stop fighting the system and allowed the Lord to take charged things changed in my favor. Scriptures tell us trust no man, and some of those who took part of the reprisal against me were self-professing Christians who played their part well, all vying for the Christian Academy Award for Hypocrisy.

We should take heed to scriptures that warn us about ravening wolves in sheep clothing. Those wolves taught me valuable lessons which made it easier to forgive them. The first lesson was that no man can stay the hands of God when He chooses to act. Those closed doors were the Lord saying “No Tangie, those places are not where I want you. They are not fit for My daughter.” I thank Him daily for saving me from real anxiety that I now know would have came with those jobs. What others thought was hurting me actually protected me. The second lesson learned was to always be thankful to God even when He does not answer our prayers. It is not necessary to understand but it is necessary to obey. I am content! I am blessed! I have peace and joy! My mind is settled!

Do you result to positive thinking to avoid using asperity when communicating with others? Do you recognize the genesis and triggers of your anxiety? If we recognize our stressors and triggers, we are better equipped to handle the onset of frustration.

What are ways to overcome frustration? 1) Pray, cast your burdens on Him and hang in there. 2) Keep diligently searching scriptures while trusting and believing God for He does hear and answer some of our prayers. 3) Be alert and of sober mind to avoid being devoured by those doing Satan’s bidding. 4) Cultivate spiritual relationships with those likeminded in the faith. 5) Keep your faith in God, not man. 6) Do not question His final answer rather it is yes or no.

What a Mighty God we serve as sisters abiding in light and truth. We are S.A.L.T. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” ~ I Peter 5:7

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Frustration

  1. Great blog. Earlier this year I became frustrated and weary about a family matter, to the point of having an ulser flair up. I suffered for days. After praying constantly and talking to God I placed it in His hand. I am so much better. We have to trust God to work things out . Tangie, God is richly blessing you. Continue to stand up for what is right.

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    1. Thank God you are feeling better. Satan knows our weaknesses. He uses others (closest to us) to do his evil bidding trying to cause us to sin against God. It is important to be aware of our stressors to strengthen our faith and not yield. Sometimes it is a struggle and we need encouragement from others. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience.


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