Reflection Of A Godly Woman

Christians and Churchians are like sugar and salt, you cannot tell the difference until you get a taste of them ~ Tangie T. Woods

The terms Godly and Christian are used too loosely in today’s society. Therefore, Churchians describe women who have been baptized into Christ but live contrary to the laws of God; another word for backsliders.

The best description is in Isaiah 29:13 and Matthew 15:8-9, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Churchians attend worship [church] service for various reasons. For example, to cause discord within God’s two institutions—the church and other people marriages. Where there is discord, there can be no unity.

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Overcoming Frustration

Today’s topic was requested by a follower of my blog. We are so bombarded with life that at some point we will all perhaps experience frustration! Anxiety! Annoyance! Exasperation! Those words are synonymous and defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed, as well as the inability to change or achieve something.

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