It Could Cost Someone’s Life

“Be not busy with distractions but with purposeful and profitable tasks.”—Tangie T. Woods

Today’s blog discusses a subject that could cost someone their life, “Distractions.” Is there something that averts your attention from a particular issue at hand? What is blurring your focus of the endeavors, goals and achievements you strive to accomplish? Perhaps, the culprit of these failures can be summed up in one word, “Distractions.”

We are bombarded with an abundant of necessary and unnecessary distractions such as spiritual-related activities and events, social media sites, news media, domestic affairs, employment, family, health, relationships and so forth. Some of us are even still hindered by past distractions that we oftentimes cannot move forward successfully in the present and future.

Distractions have numerous consequences and could be deadly. For example, during my daily walk from middle school I would read simultaneously. One day I took a shortcut with no regards to my surroundings due to focus at hand was to finish a particular book as an avid reader and start reading another one. Suddenly! I stopped in my track bumping into two men standing directly in front of me. I looked up and one of them grabbed my arm leaving me too shock to move, to scream or to run. Have you ever been in a terrifying situation as this? My mind wondered about their intentions for me. Praise the Lord before anything happened an elderly gray-bearded man carrying a long brown fishing pole appeared yelling to the men “Get! Get! Don’t you hurt that girl!” I will never forget this man’s action. The men ran off and I ran home so fast in the opposite direction it seemed as though my front door appeared two steps in front of me. Why did I not see these men? Distractions! It could have cost me my life.

Imagine. It is 5:00 a.m., on a Monday morning and you awake just to snooze the alarm. Where did the weekend go you wonder? You then turn over and cover your head with a pillow but knew you had already laid down too long. The adrenaline kicks in and you jump out of bed thinking you cannot be late for your office meeting. You rush to get dress to accomplish the task at hand of turning a regular 45-minute drive to the office into a 25-minute drive.

As you pull out the driveway the adrenaline is still in high gear because the meeting is most important even if you must break the law speeding. You accelerate and continue going from lane to lane squeezing between cars without considering the safety of others. Finally, without incident you arrive approximately five minutes from the office but was stopped at a red signal light. You are familiar with the timing for this signal light and decided read through your text messages. Suddenly you look up to see the woman you just hit lying on the street. You are bewildered! A witness calls the police and an ambulance. You remain in your car with thoughts charging your mind. In A New York Minute you are suddenly enmeshed”. Distractions! You just cost someone her life.

Shocking Statistics That Make You Think Twice About Grabbing Your Phone

The numbers illustrating the dangers of cell phone use while driving is downright startling. In fact, at any given time throughout the day, approximately 660,000 drivers are attempting to use their phones while behind the wheel of an automobile.

Smartphones have made it easy for us to stay connected at all times. But that can pose serious safety risks if someone decides to check his or her text messages, emails, phone calls, or any other mobile applications while driving.

Cell phone distraction rates are alarmingly high. We hope with a little information; you’ll make the right decision when you’re on the road. The following figures were the most up-to-date statistics at the time of our latest research. If you have any questions, or require more recent information, please refer to our sources at the bottom of this page for more information


I too have fell victim to the clarion call of being distracted on many occasions. I was distracted by numerous social media alerts while writing this blog. In order to successfully complete tasks at hand we must limit distractions that could be stumbling blocks.

Distractions can pose burdens of not getting things accomplished. For me I have limited unnecessary distractions in my life and working on prioritizing and controlling necessary distractions.

Disclaimer: The blog is only a reminder to be mindful of distractions and consequences.

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